mistress and maid

"Mistress and Maid" is one of several paintings on the subject of letters by Vermeer. Who is the letter from? The glances of the women seem to imply surprise, and invite us to speculate as to its cause. Vermeer painted proportionally many more women than men compared to his European contemporaries. This painting dates from 1667, about 30 years before this house was built.

country home comfort, large bathroom

October 2012 update: This room now has a new upgraded queen size bed

This bedroom partly takes its inspiration from Scandinavian country houses, whose painted wooden floors and furniture merge well with a colonial Dutch style. The full size double bed has a decorative canopy and high quality Frette sheets, and is covered by a beautiful handmade quilt. The nightstands and armoire are painted in muted blues and white. The window cuts through the thick stone gable end of the house and has views of the surrounding lawns and woodlands. Individually controllable air-conditioning is provided.

The large, light private bathroom dates from the turn of the last century and has been tastefully restored, with vibrant color, antique furniture and some antique tiles. It is just a couple of steps down the hall, and bathrobes are provided. A modern shower has been added to the restored original cast-iron bathtub.